Inspiring a generation

I get my energy from people and I deliver my best work when I'm speaking or presenting to audiences.

My keynotes and webinars aren't just about industry trends and technological advancements; they're about the people who drive our industry forward. I explore the intersection of cutting-edge service platforms like ServiceNow with practical, innovative solutions that enhance customer and employee experiences.

Mental health is a crucial part of my narrative. I'm devoted to breaking the stigma, sharing effective techniques for better mental health, and advocating for suicide prevention. I believe that fostering an environment of support and understanding is key to personal and professional growth.

Latest blogs.

15 September 2022

3 Peaks Challenge

I successfully completed the exhilarating 3 Peaks Challenge, conquering Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon within 24 hours. This feat was more than a physical test; it was a journey of determination and resilience, driven by a cause close to my heart. Each step up these majestic mountains reinforced my commitment to making a meaningful impact.

2 July 2015

JD Wetherspoon Commission

A spontaneous trip to Gloucester Docks resulted in being commissioned to shoot a large scale image for the staffroom at a newly opened Wetherspoons!

10 June 2015

My Photo – On The Map

A 6 hour round-trip drive to capture my most famous photograph! The sun rising through the iconic limestone arch at Durdle Door...

14 September 2014

Shadow Birds

One of the most popular and successful photographs I've ever taken. This is the story of how I captured those famous swans.

14 July 2012

Leading the way

The day I carried the Olympic Flame will forever be etched in my memory. It was Day 54 of the relay, and the responsibility felt monumental as I took the flame through the historic Wiltshire village of Ludgershall...