Shadow Birds
14 September 2014
Shadow Birds
14 September 2014


Leading the Way - My Day as an Olympic Torchbearer

The day I carried the Olympic Flame will forever be etched in my memory. It was Day 54 of the relay, and the responsibility felt monumental as I took the flame through the historic Wiltshire village of Ludgershall.

My journey started early in Cricklade, filled with a mix of anticipation and camaraderie as I met my fellow torchbearers on the minibus. Each one of us had a story, a reason for being there; it was humbling to be in the presence of individuals like Derek Browne, known for his innovative approach to healthcare, and Jordyn Schara from the USA, whose enthusiasm was contagious.

As we approached Ludgershall, the energy was palpable. Nick Simon from Andover, who carried the flame before me, passed it on with a gesture that felt like a baton in a race for peace and unity. Holding the torch, I could feel its weight - not just physically, but symbolically, as it represented so much more than just a flame.

The streets of Ludgershall were lined with thousands of supporters, their cheers providing a rhythm to my steps. My friends and family were there, their faces alight with pride. It wasn’t just about carrying a torch; it was about carrying hopes, dreams, and the spirit of the Olympics.

As I ran, the flame flickering against the backdrop of smiling faces and waving hands, I realized this was more than a personal honor; it was a communal celebration. The torch wasn’t just mine for those few minutes - it belonged to everyone who was there, everyone who believed in the power of the Games to bring us together.

I passed the flame to Derek Browne, who took it with the same reverence I felt. As the torch left my hands, I knew that the fire within me - ignited by this experience - would never go out.

The minibus ride back was a quiet reflection of the joy we shared. And as I returned the torch, now decommissioned, I felt a chapter close on one of the most thrilling days of my life.

Back at The Club in Cricklade, surrounded by those who mean the most to me, we celebrated. The laughter, the stories, the clinking glasses were the perfect end to a day that showcased the best of humanity.

This torch may now rest, but the memories it created, and the light it symbolised, will continue to burn brightly, guiding me forward.

Carrying the Flame, Carrying the Future

To have been a part of this historic event is something I still find hard to fathom. It wasn’t just about the physical act of carrying the torch; it was about being part of a legacy. And as I write this, with the torch now a silent witness in my home, I feel a profound sense of gratitude for being chosen to be a link in the chain that brought the Olympics to life.

To everyone who supported me on that day and to the Olympic spirit that unites us all, thank you.