Olympic Torchbearer. Mental Health Ambassador and advocate for suicide prevention & amplified awareness about resources and support for mental health related issues.

I'm Damien Davis, and my journey in charity work and advocacy began with a personal commitment to make a difference. Having raised over £100,000 for Leukaemia and Mental Health charities, I've seen firsthand the power of community and compassion in action. While I was honoured to carry the Olympic Torch at the London 2012 games, for me, the real reward has always been in the help we can provide to those in need.

My path took a deeply personal turn in 2020, a year marked by immense personal loss. My brother, Kieran, took his own life in February, and just a few months later, in June, I lost one of my best friends, Greg, to suicide as well. These tragedies have profoundly impacted me and have driven me to advocate for better access to mental health services. Partnering with various organisations, I'm dedicated to raising awareness and challenging the stigma surrounding mental health.

My initial foray into fundraising was inspired by the loss of a good family friend, Wayne, to Leukaemia in 2010. This experience opened my eyes to the struggles faced by many and motivated me to do whatever I could to help.

Through these experiences, I've learned that change comes from persistence, understanding, and a willingness to stand up for those who can't always stand up for themselves. I don't see myself as a hero; I'm just someone who believes in the power of collective action to bring about positive change. My journey continues, and I'm committed to doing my part in creating a world where support and understanding are readily available for those who need it most.